Mama’s Boy – A psychological horror short story

Donna Black wants to leave, and she wants to leave now. She’s sure her mother-in-law is up to no good. Twenty-eight years of hell. And that damn clown doll… A subtle jab at her sanity.

Her husband Walter won’t defend her. Hell, he doesn’t even see a problem. Mama’s boy always takes mom’s side.

Mom and son can’t stop laughing as Donna experiences terror. A terror unlike any she’s ever experienced. This time they went to far.

A standalone psychological horror with a surprising twist.


Cool and Creepy – With a Twist. What happens when your fear takes over? That’s the concept explored in this cool, creepy psycho-horror .~ T. Miller

Super creepy! *Both* times I read it. I don’t want to give anything away, but we have a crazy mother-in-law, a thoughtless husband and a clown. What could go wrong? ~ Lynn Reads

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